Sunday, September 8, 2013


Hello guys! I've been a little disconnected from the blogging world these past couple of months and I haven't had a chance to post anything recently. I want to apologize and I promise that I will try to post every week from now on. I'm so excited because many good things are happening to me and I want to share with you that I'm interning with Austin Fashion Week. I feel so good about this because I'll be doing what I love!

Anyways, this summer was so much fun because I went to Mexico to visit some family and my dear friends, I got to spend time with them and catch up and party a little bit. I spent a week in Puerto Vallarta and the rest of the summer in Zacatecas, a beautiful colonial city that has a very European vibe to it. I leave you with some pictures that I took during my vacation, I hope you enjoy them.