Sunday, December 16, 2012


It is almost Christmas and I have done most of my shopping. This outfit is very stylish yet so confortable for a day at the mall.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Hey guys! This will be the first of many surprises to come this month! Today I'm  introducing the section "Look of the Day." In this section I will be showing outfits mostly worn by me, and hopefully you can get some inspiration from them. I know that almost every blogger does this, but I will try to be different and I will be adding the individual pieces that make the outfit.

The first look is simple yet elegant. I wore it when I went to the Japanese Gardens with some friends. You can wear it  for a day out or to a nice restaurant, it is very confortable and if you like you can change some pieces and make it your own.

Friday, December 7, 2012


 I've always heard my mom say that a great piece of accessory is what makes any outfit stand out and I couldn't agree more. I think accessories are a great way to compliment any outfit and help it become more fabulous. I like to have great pieces of jewelry, hats, and scarfs that are classic because I can keep using them on upcoming seasons and they will always make a fashion statement. I will show you the top 5 accessories to have this winter to finish off your holiday looks.

The first accessory to own this season is a fabulous wool HAT. You can wear it with a t-shirt and some jeans to be fashionable yet confortable or you can dress it up with a little black dress and hot high heels.
The second accessory to own this season is a beautiful WATCH. You can pair it with different size bracelets and have fabulous "arm candy." My personal favorite watch is from Michael Kors in the color gold rose. 

The third accessory to own this season is a stylish pair of vintage inspired SUNGLASSES. This season I like the cat eye sunnies, they are classic and they make a come back from the 1950s. You can find them in neutral to vibrant colors. 

The fourth accessory to own this season is a bold NECKLACE. I like to buy big and vibrant colored necklaces because I can mix and match them with my clothing and make a statement. Some hot colors right now for necklaces are pastels, corals, and blues.

The fifth accessory to own this season is a lovely PERFUME. Yes, for me it is an accessory because I can't leave the house without spraying some on. I think a lovely fragrance is the thing that finishes the whole look. At the moment I'm in love with Givenchy Dahlia.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


'Tis the season to celebrate and give great gifts! But, the real challenge is choosing one that will be meaningful to your special someone while staying within your budget. Sometimes it can be difficult and stressful because there are so many options out there. My Christmas gift guide will help you find some amazing gifts under $75 to make your Christmas shopping experience more enjoyable. The ideas will be based on interests and personalities!

  • ITunes Gift cards ($25-$75)
  • Concert Tickets ($25-$75)
  • Skull Candy Earphones ($50) 
  • IHome -Iphone & Ipod Dock ($60)


  • Cake Pop baking pan ($20)
  • Martha Stewart Decorating Kit ($20)
  • Martha Stewart Collection cupcake tree ($20) 
  • French Coffee Press ($40)
  • Belgian Waffle Maker ($50)

  • Metrokane Flip-Top Cocktail Shaker ($30)
  • Ralph Lauren Cocktail Party Collection ($40)
  • Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew ($50)
  • Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Champagne Brut Vintage ($75)

  • Travel Guides ($5-$25)
  • Photo Albums ($30)
  • London Fog Tote ($50)
  • Personalized Leather Passport Cover ($65)

  • Gift Cards ($25-$75)
  • Express Little Black Dress ($50)
  • Flora by GUCCI ($55)
  • Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Gift Set ($60)
  • Bobby Brown Smokey Eye Set ($65)

Thursday, November 15, 2012


I've already given you a great mask for your face, but now it is time to take care of your body, too. We all have to maintain our skin soft and radiant for those strapless cocktail dresses, that we are planning on wearing these upcoming holidays. We have to be very careful and exfoliate our bodies and keep them well hydrated so we can look our best. I am going to give you a great recipe for a scrub that is great and inexpensive at the same time because you will be using things that you already have in you kitchens.


1/2 cup OLIVE OIL
1 T LEMON JUICE (optional)


Measure  the ingredients and put them in a medium bowl, mix them well. If your scrub is a little dry or too clumpy put a little more olive oil but not a lot that it makes the scrub watery. You can add the lemon juice if you want, I like using it in mine. I like the lemon because of its aroma and because it makes the skin brighter and it gives you a glow. Put it in a small container or a little glass jar so you can keep it in your bathroom and use it every time. It also makes a great gift, just put a little bow around the jar for a special touch and your special person will enjoy it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


If you are like me, you have been probably suffering from dry skin because of the cold weather. The skin is always affected  by the change of temperature and  it can become real sensitive. Since a week ago I have been feeling my skin extra dry and even with flaky little spots and I hated it. I was looking for a real good face mask but I did not have the ingredients at the time. So I went to the fridge and saw that I had ripe strawberries and did not know what to do with them. Then, I thought to do a strawberry and milk face mask to see if it would help, and it did. My face feels more hydrated and soft. I hope you will try it at home and enjoy it.


100grams MILK


First, wash your strawberries and mince them and squeeze them with a fork to get a paste but be careful not to get it  too liquid. Then, add the milk and mix it all together. After that, put a head band or secure your hair in a bun away from your face and lie down on your back. Start putting the mask in a thin layer and wait for about 20 minutes and after that remove the strawberry pieces and wash your face with warm water and put your regular moisturizer. I recommend doing this twice a week for the cold and dry months.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Planning a vacation is so exciting and fun! You have to decide where you will go, what you’ll see and  how long you will stay; from a couple of days to a few months.  In the middle of all that planning, you will  begin to think about what you’ll take with you, especially clothes, shoes, and accessories.  And for me, that is the most stressful part of the whole planning chaos. You will have to consider certain factors while choosing clothes like the weather, and where you are planning on going while on your vacation. I love traveling, and I do it twice a year, so I think I know what are the basic things you'll need while you are far away from home. Here are the five must-have items for your upcoming vacation:

The first item you should always take on a vacation is a great pair of sunglasses. You will always need them; from going shopping to the beach to a café! I recommend to get black or brown sunglasses they go with every outfit.

The second item you should always take on a vacation is a great tote! A tote will be very useful, you will be able to carry a lot of things that you could need like your passport, to an extra pair of shoes, to your camera. I love a good leather tote; practical and stylish. It could go from day to night! 

The third item you should always take on a vacation is a great Little Black Dress. You'll never know when you will need it. It would be great to go to a nightclub, to dinner or to get drinks. It will be a key item for your vacation wardrobe,believe me. I recommend you to pair it with great accessories and a bold lipstick color.

Kate Bonsworth


The fourth item you should always take on a vacation is a great pair of high heels. You will always need them, believe me. Try to find some hot and extravagant heels that you could use from day to night. Everyone will rave about them. At day I recommend wearing them with jeans and  a blazer, and at night wear them with your cocktail dress or with a great skinny pant and a chic blouse.

The fifth item you should always take on a vacation is a leather jacket. Wether you are going to a cold or warm place on your vacation, you will need at least one jacket. I recommend a leather jacket because it is a classic and you can't never go wrong with it. You could use it from day to night and it adds a little edge to any outfit. 

Friday, October 26, 2012


It is a known fact that I love makeup. I am always trying new trends each season and changing my look.  One of my favorite things to do with my makeup is a vintagey look: a good winged eyeliner, big lashes, and bright lips. I fell in love with lipstick 2 years ago, now I rarely stop wearing it. I have a lot of shades that range from a soft pink to a fiery red, and I am always trying to look for beautiful shades to add to my collection, and I have found my shade for this fall! I was looking through some magazines and I came across with a Tom Ford ad for their new fragrance and the model was wearing a lovely burgundy lipstick, I fell in love with it! Yes, Burgundy lips! I have always loved the color for fall in clothes and shoes but never tried it as a lipstick. Then, I went and bought a lipstick in that shade and tried it, and it goes so well with my pale skin that I will be rocking burgundy lips this season. I suggest that you give it a try, too, because it adds so much glamour and coolness to any outfit and I assure you that everyone you know will be raving about it and complimenting you!

Tom Ford


Jennifer Lopez

Jessica Alba 

Monday, October 15, 2012


There are many fabulous and hot items to own this fall, wether is a basic top or an extravagant clutch to match your favorite high heels. These items are needed because this season is full of parties and get-togethers with family, friends and co-workers. But I am going to give you the top 5 items you must own this fall. If you just add these 5 items to your wardrobe this season, I assure you that you will be able to spice up many old outfits from past seasons and make them feel like they are new ones.

1. The first item you must own this season is a great COAT. A great coat is a must have because it is useful for any occasion. You can dress it down with some flats or dress it up with high heels and a cocktail dress and go out to a party.   



2. The second item you must own this season is a great cocktail DRESS. A great cocktail dress is a must have because you will need it for all the holiday events, from Thanksgiving parties to New Year's parties. I suggest to get it in one of this season's hottest color: Chartreuse. You can't go wrong with a dress like this.

3. The third item you must own this season are CAP TOE HIGH HEELS. These heels are a must have because they add that extra something to any fall/winter outfit and they are this season's hottest shoes. I am just simply obsessed with them.

4.The fourth item you must own this season is a great CLUTCH. A clutch is a great item because it adds sophistication and glam to any outfit, wether it is for a casual or a dressy occasion.

5. The fifth item you must own this fall is a great pair of RIDDING LEATHER BOOTS. These are great for the daytime because they are so confortable and stylish and they can be paired with any outfit from skinny jeans and a t-shirt to a fabulous knit dress. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


There are many trends that I'm following and want to follow this season. But the one that I'm MOST excited to try is the long pointy nail trend or Stiletto nails . Yes, at first they seemed a little extravagant and unpractical, but the more I looked at them, the more I fell in love with them. First, I saw them on Lana del Rey's Vogue cover shoot, then I saw more and more celebrities rocking them including Rihanna, Adele, and Fergie. But celebrities and singers aren't the only ones trying these nails, many fashion designers are incorporating them to the looks for their runway shows and print ads. These nail trend makes a come back from the 50's, it just looks so vintage and classic. I also love these nails because they make a girl's fingers look longer and more feminine. I will try this trend this week and I am sure that I will love them even more. Hopefully you will try them too and rock them this season with your favorite outfits.

This is the picture of Lana del Rey that I first saw this trend and fell in love with it. She just looks so classic and vintage.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Lana Del Rey has become a major source of inspiration for me, and many other girls. Her style is so unique and captivating and she has this mysterious vibe going on that makes me like her so much. Her hair, make-up, clothes and even her nails are so exquisite, that they make her a style icon. Del Rey embodies  a 1960's siren in her style and in her music. Everybody is falling in love with her that even now H&M has named her the new face for their new fall collection. And don't miss her new album Born to Die: Paradise Edition that includes the new track Ride, and Blue Velvet. Love them!

I love this picture of Lana, she looks so elegant and I am in love with that jacket, that I want it for myself. I love that just one statement piece can make a whole outfit.

 This is a picture from the new H&M's fall collection.

Simply stunning. I love everything about this picture; the red lips, the red dress, and the white roses!