Tuesday, November 13, 2012


If you are like me, you have been probably suffering from dry skin because of the cold weather. The skin is always affected  by the change of temperature and  it can become real sensitive. Since a week ago I have been feeling my skin extra dry and even with flaky little spots and I hated it. I was looking for a real good face mask but I did not have the ingredients at the time. So I went to the fridge and saw that I had ripe strawberries and did not know what to do with them. Then, I thought to do a strawberry and milk face mask to see if it would help, and it did. My face feels more hydrated and soft. I hope you will try it at home and enjoy it.


100grams MILK


First, wash your strawberries and mince them and squeeze them with a fork to get a paste but be careful not to get it  too liquid. Then, add the milk and mix it all together. After that, put a head band or secure your hair in a bun away from your face and lie down on your back. Start putting the mask in a thin layer and wait for about 20 minutes and after that remove the strawberry pieces and wash your face with warm water and put your regular moisturizer. I recommend doing this twice a week for the cold and dry months.

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