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This girl is something special. Pauline of Oh My Dior is a gorgeous beauty, long red hair, and very friendly personality. Pauline is a textile designer and she is from Mexico but sometimes lives in the Netherlands. Personally, I love her blog because it has certain magic that no other blog has and this makes me want to see what she does next. It seems like a dream, but Pauline is actually a reality: unique, cheerful, and with great taste in fashion, especially in accessories! (I love her blog posts about jewelry, hats and shoes.) This young successful blogger is an inspiration for anyone who reads her blog, especially those who are interested in what is happening in the fashion world. I’m very proud to present this fun interview of Pauline because she has accomplished a lot a very young age and I congratulate her for that.

(photos: OhMyDior.org)


Q: Are you currently residing in Mexico or in the Netherlands?
A: I really don’t know right now I’m spending more time in Mexico but tomorrow, who knows?

Q: How do your surroundings inspire your style?
A: Everything I see inspires me, I’m a really visual person I’m always in need of seeing cool new things, that is why I try to travel the most I can so the inspiration keeps coming.

Q: Who is your favorite style icon & Why?
A: It depends of the moment, I have many classic muses: Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Francois Hardy, and Eddie Sedgwick but right now I’m just in love with Cara Delevingne, I don’t know! She reminds me of me, I like to have fun with what I wear.

Q: What’s is your favorite place in the world & Why? 
A: My favorite place in the world might be New York, I love to be inside of a high building by the windows watching the skyscrapers, and it is so gothic! In the night is like Batman will come out.

Q: Who is your favorite fashion designer & Why? 
A: My favorite fashion designer of the moment is Zuhair Murad (it changes all the time), but I’m in love with the way he makes women look like goddesses by knowing what fabrics and silhouettes suit our body perfectly.

Q: What is your favorite piece of clothing & Why? 
A: Many people love shoes, but I love tops, blouses, tees for me is the most important part of the outfit is the main character.

Q: Why did you start blogging?
A: I was living in Barcelona and wanted a place to share all the inspiration that came to me living in that fantastic city.

Q: Fashion faux pas?
A: I just hate when people dress like if they wanted to look older.

Q: How has your blog changed your life? 
A: In so many ways, it’s really fun because everyday starts with my blog, checking twitter, making posts, meeting people, meetings brands, is fantastic, I just love fashion!

Q: How would you describe your style? 
A: Fun, eclectic, it changes with my mood but I try to have a playful style, at the same time feminine and sometimes more alternative.

Q: Favorite food? 
A: Everything that has lettuce, really! I love salads: tomatoes, avocados with cheese.

Q: Star crush? 
A: Right now Bradley Cooper! He is so handsome, those eyes and that smile.

Q: How do you make the time to blog and do all your collages? 
A: It is hard sometimes, people don’t know but sometimes a post can take me ours, I just do it when I feel creative, it’s a great way for me for relaxing, my mind just goes blank.

Q: Favorite band/singer? I love Lenka; I love her voice and childish music, with lyrics that feel like if they were reading my mind.

Q: Favorite pair of shoes?
A: I don’t care much about brands; they just have to be pretty, comfortable and good quality materials, right now I’m in love with sneakers.

Q: Do you get inspiration from fellow bloggers?
A: Yes of course, in this world there are really inspirational people like Haleigh from Making Magique or Alix from The Cherry Blossom Girl.

Q: What is the word that best describes your personality?
A: Childish, sometimes I’m just like a little girl I think that is why inspiration comes easy to me.

Q: Where do see yourself in 5 years? 
A:I want to have my own magical brand, it’s a project I am working on it! And of course feeling happy, beautiful and passionate with whatever I will be doing.

Q: Future plans for your blog? 
A: I want to compromise more with it, have more daily posts and maybe creating a partnership.

I would like to thank Pauline for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer these questions for TIMES OF FASHION

If you haven't done so yet, go and check out Pauline's blog- OH MY DIOR and become a follower!! :)

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