Saturday, May 11, 2013


Hello guys! I'm so happy school is officially over and now I have more time to write posts and make plans for this summer. It's exciting to not have to study and do homework for a couple of months and just focus on doing relaxing and fun things like shopping and catching up with favorite shows. Right now, I have many things on my shopping list that I would like to add to my closet because I'm obsessed with them. I am thinking on going in a shopping spree really soon and getting these items because they will update my wardrobe for this summer. So here is my shopping list!

shopping list
1. Pointed Heels- These shoes are making a comeback and they are very popular nowadays, but are more fashion forward this time around than before. Everybody seems to be loving them (including me) because they are so classic and easy to pair with everything, from jeans to a gorgeous mini dress.

2. Knuckle or midi rings- These rings go just half way and look so chic and go perfect with an awesome mani. You can wear  many rings at the same time and it's totally fashionable and hot. Everybody from Rihanna to Alexa Chung have been rocking them! 

3. Chelsea Boots- I want these boots because they so have the "London Look" and are so easy to pair with everything when you are not feeling like wearing high heels. It is a must-have shoe and it makes me so mad to not own them already.

4. Turbans or head-wraps- I have a big obsession with hair accessories and hats, so I'm in love with turbans. I simply love them because it can add so much sparkle to any outfit and they are very useful when you are having a bad hair day. Don't be afraid of mixing prints with your turbans and clothes. They are simply OH SO CHIC!

5. Black Maxi Dress- This dress will be my to go piece for this summer, I think they are so practical yet so sexy. I really love the ones that are backless and with high thigh slit. Just pair it with a killer strappy heel and you are set.

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